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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fiancé Has Girl On The Side


My fiance has chosen a woman as his "Best Man." I would prefer not to use the title "Best Woman" in the program. Any ideas?
--- DF in Chitown


The title "Best Woman" does seem to conflict with the bride's role as queen bee of the ball. How about "Girl on the Side?" Nah…that'll probably give your grandmother palpitations when she opens the wedding program. Here's one: "Honored Attendant." Formal and non-descript at the same time.

Something else to think about. You may not want the honored attendant walking arm and arm with the maid of honor at the end of ceremony, as is traditionally done by the best man. I suggest she walks out alone following you and your new husband. The maid of honor can then follow her or vice versa.

While we're on the subject, I know of a very cool romantic gift to give your husband on this special day. For less than fifty dollars you can have a star named after your sweetheart. Then on your honeymoon you can gaze into the heavens to find his namesake. The best thing is, he'll never lose it! Check out Star Registry for more info.

One final piece of wedding advice: Be patient with your fiancé during this planning stage. While you may have been planning this day for the past twenty years, your fiancé probably hasn't thought much beyond the fact that he loves you.

-- George

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