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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Trading Spaces


My boyfriend is obsessed with football. How can I get him to spend some time with me on Saturday and Sundays?

--- Holly, Indiana


Communicate. If that doesn't work, negotiate. Failing that, manipulate. Find a show on Saturday that you like and that's on every week, preferably something your average guy would rather avoid (i.e. home decorating shows). Tell him you want to watch the show every Saturday and that he must forfeit a day of football. It's only fair, right? The next weekend when you're watching your show and he complains about the games he's missing or how boring your show is, you can say, "I'll give you a choice. We either watch my show or we turn the TV off and do something together." Odds are he'll choose to spend time with you.

As for Sunday, cuddling on the couch with your boyfriend for three hours isn't the end of the world. Ask him to explain the rules. You might even get obsessed yourself. Go Redskins!

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