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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Curious George

Dear Readers:

What's the difference between arrogance and confidence as it pertains to men? I've been called both arrogant and confident in the past and am confused as to the difference.

-- George

Being a curious person, I have tons of questions about life. Please feel free to offer your own advice in the form of comments.


Anonymous said...

Arrogance is when you speak about your accomplishments. Confidence is unspoken.

Anonymous said...

Arrogance is annoying. Confidence is inviting.

Dru said...

Just found your blog. LOVE IT! I'm also have a BA in psych, but am pursuing a nursing degree instead of an MA. Many reasons, to many to list.

Okay. Arrogance vs. confidence. Hmmmm...arrogance is when you think you know everything, telling people what to do. Confidence is when you are open to suggestion, yet strong in your own opinions (although, able to change that opinion with acquistion of new facts). Based on your blog so far, I'd say you are confident, rather than arrogant. Best of luck on your site! I will be back!

phreakv6 said...

Confidence - I can do this
Arrogance - only I can do this