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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Good Man Is Hard to Find

Dear George:

Do you have any advice on how a single woman in grad school can find a good man?

--- Natalie

Dear Natalie:

As a graduate student myself, I can testify to the challenge in finding a soul mate while in school. The long hours of study and lack of income make dating downright difficult.

Some find success on Internet dating sites, but I think they're expensive and often a waste of time. Although a friend of a friend did feed herself for a year by going on as many Internet dates as she could, and of course always suggested dinner and a movie.

Another friend of mine suggests finding a new hobby (e.g. photography) and taking classes that will attract others with similar interests. I like this idea of doing what you love. Others will see the joy and passion you bring to that new hobby.

Here in Chicago, we have the Chicago Sport & Social Club, that organizes sports leagues and social events. That way you can do something fun and meet people at the same time. Google your own city to see if they have a similar type club.

You could simply ask your friends. That takes the most courage, but may have the best results.

Or you could pray. Not necessarily for a boyfriend or husband, but they may magically appear if you're involved in a large church or temple.

The truth is, being a student and single myself, I too am trying to figure out the best way to meet a 'good woman' while in graduate school.

If anyone out there has any great ideas, please post them as comments for all of us to read.


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do you know me? said...

:). thanks George. I'll keep searching and good luck with your search, too.

Half Swede said...

Great tip on the free food for a year, I'll look into that. (Kidding.) I have noticed that libraries and bookstores can be a decent place to meet people -- you might see someone you know or at the least you'll see someone curious enough to pick up a book (steer clear of self-help types unless they're buying for a "friend").

The Graduate said...

As a person currently not in a relationship I've decided to shift focus. I think that putting more energy into finding activities I love to do and actually spending time whetting my interest in these things will make me happier. Then when I least expect it, "that" person will come along.

This all sounds good in theory, of course. I just need to find some extra time to go out and do it.

P.S. - Thanks for the insight on Greek Tragedy, George.

Anonymous said...

sometimes when you're desperately looking for a man you just can't seem to get one. but when you manage to be content with being single for the time-being, the right guy comes along sooner or later when you least expect it. that happened to a friend of mine. when she finally stopped being so desperate to find a guy, she met a great guy, she's been with him for a year now and they're really happy together. But you should try and get invovled in social activities and events so that you're getting to know people. You never know, even if you just make new friends, they may have a sexy brother/friend etc and introduce him to you